Originally named autism (styled as au†ism), the band was formed in 1996 in Kobe, playing at local gigs. In 1998, autism was signed to Key Party Records, relocated to Tokyo, and renamed Aliene Ma'riage (styled as Aliene Maφriage).

Becoming one of the most successful Key Party bands, their debut album, Les Soirée, sold out and a re-recorded edition was released. In 2000, their fanclub LA Matinée was created.

In 2001, Aliene Ma'riage announced their disbandment, shortly after releasing their last full album, 21st Century. After disbandment, each member would continue on with music, with Kyouka forming the short-lived session band Cupid, and later Chaos System, among others. Mast formed MIL, with Ray as support bass, before rejoining Kyouka in Native Devil. Ray would become part of the band Vinett in 2002, before playing support bass in MIL. Later on, in 2004, Ray formed Nega, disbanding in 2013.


Kyouka Mast Ray